3D Printed House Melbourne

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First 3D Printed House Melbourne

First 3D-printed house in southern hemisphere built in Melbourne

18th January, 2022

The first ever 3D-printed house in the southern hemisphere has been built in a Melbourne manufacturing warehouse in just three days.

The house was built by Australian 3D printing building and construction company Luyten in December, using highly robust and eco-friendly 3D printable concrete.

The structure, called the Heptapod, costs less than 70 per cent of traditional building methods, supporting the fast-growing tiny houses movement. The structure's elements were printed in two days and assembled on day three.

Inside a 3d printed house

The southern hemisphere's first-ever 3D-printed house has been built in a Melbourne manufacturing warehouse. (Supplied Nine)

"We are absolutely ecstatic with the 3D printing of our first house," Luyten 3D cofounder and CEO Ahmed Mahil said.

"It is a fine example of the type of structure that can be built using our innovative 3D printing technology and will provide people with the ability to see and touch a 3D-printed home in person before they order one."

Since the business launched in 2020, it has partnered with the University of New South Wales to build structures and base camps on the moon and on other planets, including Mars.

Some of the 3D homes on order will be used for affordable housing options in regional areas of the country, as well as schools and accommodation.

first 3d printed house

The structure's elements were printed in two days and assembled on day three. (Supplied Nine)

According to data by CoreLogic, Australian housing values grew 22.1 per cent last year - growth not seen since the 1980s - but it had since slowed across most capital cities.

"It is clear that most markets have moved through a peak rate of growth," CoreLogic's research director Tim Lawless said.

"We saw most of the capitals moved through a peak rate of growth around March last year."