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3D Concrete Printed Houses For Indigenous Community

22nd July, 2022

The first ever 3D-printed house in the southern hemisphere has been built in a Melbourne manufacturing warehouse in just three days.

The house was built by Australian 3D printing building and construction company Luyten in December, using highly robust and eco-friendly 3D printable concrete.

The structure, called the Heptapod, costs less than 70 per cent of traditional building methods, supporting the fast-growing tiny houses movement. The structure's elements were printed in two days and assembled on day three.

Australian 3D printing building and construction company, Luyten has signed a deal with the Ilpeye Ilpeye Aboriginal Corporation (IIAC) to build five 3D printed homes in the Northern Territory.

Luyten will build the structures for the traditional owners of the Alice Springs region in August this year.

The houses will be built using Luyten’s 3D printing technology which involves printing ‘structural elements’ in two days which can be assembled on day three. Luyten cofounder and CEO Ahmed Mahil said.

Mahil said: “Printed elements are ready to handle and be moved within only five hours of being printed.”

“We are delighted that our technology will be used to help address the urgent need for high quality, affordable and durable housing solutions in the Northern Territory.”

Mahil claimed to be ‘the first company in the world to build a 3D printed house in the southern hemisphere’.

“Our 3D printed houses are Australia and New Zealand building code (AS/NSZ 1170 and AS 3600) compliant and are built using our highly robust and eco-friendly Luyten Ultimatecrete 3D printable concrete which results in 82.5 MPa compressive strength after 28 days, four times stronger than the 20 MPa residential building code requires.”

The houses will be built using Luyten’s largest printer, the Platypus X12.

IIAC spokesperson Dr Salvin Gounder said: “IIAC sees this is a golden opportunity to showcase an indigenous partnership towards a new approach to housing using innovative 3D printing technology to build houses.

“This will be a major achievement and is an investment towards a long-term sustainable future in housing development for Indigenous people.”