Frequently asked questions

Can your printers construct with smooth exterior?

Yes, we can provide extruders that print with smooth appearances and the print themselves can be smoothed during or after the printing process.

Is the technology market ready?

Yes, our technology is expertly developed by professional Aerospace & Robotics Engineers with top Australian and international standards in place. Our technology sold is ready for construction projects right now.

Does your company provide assistance to use the technology sold?

Yes, we provide 1 year technical assistance to all customers that purchase our printers. We help customers understand the operational processes required to use LUYTEN technology and assists with all other enquiries that arise.

Is your technology easy to set up on-site?

Yes, our PLATYPUS printers take only ten minutes for on-site setup. We designed our printers to be mobile and easily deployable for projects.

Do you have details on costs savings thorugh using 3D Concrete Printing tech?

Yes, we have a thorough and detailed analysis of costs savings thorugh 3D Concrete Printing Technology. If you want to know more sen an email to requesting more details.

Do you provide materials for printing?

We can provide a list of materials and additives required for the printing process that can be sourced locally.