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Perguntas frequentes

  • Do your printers produce smooth layer appearance?
    Yes. LUYTEN Printers have patented features that enable smooth layers appearances.
  • Does your company build houses?
    LUYTEN is a manufacturere of Concrete Printing Technology and does not focus on construction of houses. However, for the benefit of customers LUYTEN does partner with construction companies to build houses collaboratively.
  • Do I need concrete printing technology?
    Yes and no. If your seeking the added advantages of costs reduction, faster completion times, less material waste and more complex geometry in construction, then yes.
  • How long does it take to 3D Print a house?
    The completion times to print a house depends on many factors. Factors such as climate, materials used, pumping systems and requirements for other contractor work such as plumbing all impact completion times. Projects can take from anywhere from 24 hours to 4 months for completed houses.
  • Can I buy shares in LUYTEN?
    LUYTEN is a privately held company. If you believe you would help LUYTEN through expertise and industry experience, with the right investment, you may be able to invest. For all partnership and investment enquiries please contact:
  • What printer meets my requirements?
    Many factors determine what is suitable for your needs. Factors include: Type of projects you are working on and wether they are small, medium or large scale projects. The print area or environement you are working in wil impact the size of printer you can have. Experience you or your team has in 3D Concrete Printing. Type of machinery you currently have that could compliment projects (Trucks, Cranes etc)
  • Do projects require concrete slabs/blocks?
    Yes, projects still require concrete slabs for printing a house on.
  • How long are your construction printer setup times?
    Our printers offer the unique advantage of having fast setup times. Our printers are designed with high mobility and rapid deployment capabilities to enable setup times of 20 minutes.
  • Does LUYTEN provide guarantees?
    LUYYTEN provides 1 year warranties on printer purchases
  • How reliable is 3D Printed Concrete?
    3D Printed Concrete is very reliable if the right mixtures are used. Using the correct mixture 3d printed structures have the capacity to last longer compared to traditional brick and mortar or wood structures.
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