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Heptapod 1



First Code Compliant 3D Printed House in Australia and Southern Hemisphere

December, 2021

LUYTEN successfully 3D Printed the first code compliant (AS/NZS 1170) house in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. This is the first code compliant structure of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere using a certified and rated mixture. This house was completed within 3 days using the LUYTEN PLATYPUS Expeditionary, including 2 days for printing and 1 day for printed segments assembly. This house exhibits the high calibre of LUYTEN's scientists, engineers and qualified meteorologists, using the most advanced methods yet to be explored in Construction 3D Printing. 

Parts of this 3d printed house showcase smooth walls, this being smoothed during the construction process through proprietary technology features, manufactured and designed by LUYTEN. The Heptapod design is made for people looking for homes that blend with nature and culminate a lively and open area living environment. The key purpose of he architectural creation is to create buildings that are ideal for learning environments for students that struggle being within enclosed spaces for longer periods of time, or holiday homes for excotic destinations such as beach areas.

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