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30 May 2024

Aussie Company Builds First 3D Printed Two-Storey Building in Southern Hemisphere

World leading Australian 3D printing technology

Mina Martin

30 May 2024

First 3D-printed two-storey house completed

Luyten 3D achieves major milestone in construction technology

Serra Utkum Ikiz

2 January 2024

Luyten 3D and UNSW Sydney builds the first 3D-printed house in Melbourne

Luyten 3D, in collaboration with UNSW Sydney builds the first 3D-printed house in Melbourne, Australia.


24 May 2023

Luyten 3d supplies Ultimatecrete Mixes for Building 3D Printed Houses in North America

Australian company Luyten 3D signs a contract with Alquist 3D to supply Ultimatecrete mixes for the construction of 3D-printed homes in the United States and Canada.


19 May 2023

Luyten 3D inks 3D printing deal to supply concrete mix to the US and Canada

Melbourne-based Luyten 3D has signed an agreement with America-based Alquist 3D to supply its proprietary 3D concrete mix ‘Ultimatecrete’ for the construction of houses and other residences in the United States and Canada.

SBS Broadcasting Service

14 March 2023

Housing Stress

News And Current Affairs, Current Affairs

Busy Continent

7 January 2023

The construction industry should adopt 3D printing tech to cut costs

How is Luyten shaking up things?


7 November 2022

LUYTEN is proud to have participated in ISO ASTM 52939 first draft as the Australian representative at the Joint Group JG80 under ISO TC 261 ASTM F42 WG2

The establishment of standards and assurances will enable the technological benefits of construction 3d printing to be truly viable and successful in implementation globally.

The Guardian

3 November 2022

Remote Indigenous community pioneers 3D-printed homes set to change rural lives

Traditional owners of Mparntwe collaborate with Melbourne company Luyten to combat housing shortages and improve Ilpeye Ilpeye residents’ lifestyle

Development Ready

14 October 2022

World's largest and most advanced 3D concrete printer

3D printing reduces up to 60% of construction waste, 70% of production time and up to 80 percent of labour costs

13 October 2022

Most advanced mobile and intelligent concrete 3D printer

The Luyten Platypus series is the world’s leading range of 3D concrete printers

Australian Manufacturing

13 October 2022

World’s largest and most advanced mobile smart 3D concrete printer for building and construction

Hailed a global success story as construction firms across the world place orders to accelerate build schedules and revolutionise delivery capabilities.

3D Printing Media Network

13 October 2022

Luyten 3D launches the Platypus X12 concrete printer

Believed to be the world's largest mobile AI-powered concrete 3D printer

The Urban Developer

28 September 2022

Race on to Build Australia’s First 3D-Printed House

3D-printed houses have walls built of aggregate material such as concrete or mortar, with traditional methods used for the rest of the house.

Your Investment Property

28 September 2022

3D printed homes likely to take off in Australia’s red centre

Luyten’s indigenous housing project in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

The Fifth Estate

27 September 2022

How automation is helping solve construction industry labour shortage

MARKET PULSE: Traditionalists may baulk at the prospect of a dystopian, robot-led future, but it looks like robotics are already starting to take over the construction industry.


20 September 2022


“Countries across the world are already mandating 3D printing targets for the building and construction industry,”

Smart Property Investment

20 September 2022

Up to 30% of Aussie homes could be 3D printed by 2030

The climate in the red heart of Australia is among the toughest in the world.

Build Connection

12 September 2022


Up to 30% of Australia’s outback, regional and remote areas could be built with 3D printing technology


27 August 2022

3D-printed houses in Australia

In Australia, housing unaffordability has become so endemic that the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue has recently launched an inquiry into the issue, arguing that “home ownership, one of the building blocks of Australian society, has been falling for the last 30 years”.

UNSW Newsroom

25 August 2022

3D printing is expanding our sustainable building horizons to the outback and beyond

3D printing processes and building materials can create more sustainable construction in environments as diverse as outback Australia and outer space.


12 August 2022

Legacy Aussie Building Firm Transitions to 3D Printed Construction

As cost-effective as it could eventually be to mass-produce homes this way, the infrastructure to do so simply doesn’t exist yet.

3D Printing Media Network

8 August 2022

Boss Products sets up first 3D printing factory in Melbourne

Boss Products, one of Australia’s most well-established building products manufacturers


6 August 2022

Boss Products sets up Australia’s first Construction 3D Printing Factory

country’s first construction 3D printing factory

Au Manufacturing Forum

4 August 2022


Family-owned building products manufacturer Boss Products has transitioned from its traditional manufacturing processes

Au Manufacturing Forum

22 July 2022

3D Concrete Printed Houses For Indigenous Community

The first ever 3D-printed house in the southern hemisphere has been built in Melbourne in just three days.

NT News

14 July 2022

How 3D Printing could help with Remote Housing

Cutting-edge technology is being adopted in the Red Centre, and it could have a big impact on housing in the Territory.

3D Printing Media Network

29 March 2022

Starfleet Innotech partners with 3D printing concrete startup, Luyten

The entrance to one of LUYTEN’s 3D printed homes According to Grand View Research

3D Printing Industry

28 March 2022


Global asset management company Starfleet Innotech (SFIO) has unveiled plans to deploy construction start-up Luyten’s 3D printing technology to build a portfolio of affordable homes in the Philippines.

Your Mortgage

19 January 2022

Melbourne firm constructs 3D-printed home

The house, which meets the Australia and New Zealand building code, only took three days to be completed.

9 News

18 January 2022

First 3D-printed house in southern hemisphere

"It is clear that most markets have moved through a peak rate of growth," CoreLogic's research director Tim Lawless said.

UNSW Sydney

13 December 2021

Small step for 3D printers and giant leap for humankind

A team from UNSW wants to use Luyten 3D printing technology to build a house on the Moon.


1 December 2021

Developing Tech for 3D Printing Moon Habitats

Private teams are gearing up for lunar construction. Although this is not the first time in the last 50 years that we have heard of plans for lunar outposts

Space Australia

29 November 2021


A historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between cutting-edge Australian 3D printing building and construction company, Luyten and the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

3D Printing Industry

24 November 2021


Working as part of the ‘Meeka Project,’ the organizations plan to expedite the development and testing of a new gantry-mounted lunar regolith 3D printer.

Australian Financial Review

15 November 2021

How to print a house for the man on the moon

Creating the base will require the use of lunar regolith – the substance on the moon’s surface.


2 November 2021

First Lunar Base With Space Ready 3D Concrete Printers

During their exploration, Aldrin and Armstrong also gathered samples of the lunar surface which was used to glean important information about the geological composition of the moon.

Manufacturers Monthly

14 September 2021

Luyten 3DCP could build quarantine accommodation in 18 hours

Luyten, large-scale three-dimensional concrete printing (3DCP) manufacturer, has integrated new technology which could enable quarantine accommodation to be built in a matter of days.


24 June 2021

Could 3D printed homes solve the housing affordability issue

For many of us, the concept that a printer is capable of producing three-dimensional objects – let alone entire buildings – is still fairly remote and difficult to grasp.


31 May 2021

Quarantine accommodation built in 18 hours

New three-dimensional concrete printing (3DCP) technology from Melbourne-based company Luyten has proven capable of printing a complete fully functional set of units in just 18 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction.

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